Welcome to Winston & Wilma!

Welcoming you in!

Welcome to Winston & Wilma!.

Winston is one part of Winston & Wilma. Wilma you can find here…Wilma & Winston

Wilma is a young girl with amazing fashion sense and we live together doing stuff. Click her up too!

Over the weekend we went to a local festival to check out the Morris Dancers! For all those outside the UK then Morris Dancers will be potentially an unknown subject. It’s quintessentially English to see old men dancing with bells on their ankles and sticks that they “clunk” together! It’s good fun and it’s sunny days like these that remind you that things are pretty smooth.

I needed that as I was a little lost over the weekend. I have been mulling over changing job and it’s sort of sucked all my energy from me. The Morris Dancers helped take my mind off things – we even had a little tickle of fertility cake so who knows what’s going to happen now! Fertility cake had many raisins in it so I guess raisins are the things to have if you want to get pregnant! Perhaps there’s some special juice on the raisins that makes you particularly frisky and brings on the little baby!

Fertility aside it was a beautiful day – check out the dude who gave us the fertility spunkalicious!

Eat this for many babies

Eat me!

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