Wilma’s up!

Wilma’s managed to get her collection online!

So much hard work has gone into choosing this collection of clothing. It has been painstakingly chosen from lots of different locations within London and while on her travels! It’s been a labour of love though and Wilma’s regularly updating me with progress – it’s been rapid and it’s a great testament to her that this is now up and running. You can find Wilma here…Wilma & Winston

Our house is full of fashion magazines, articles, various different books, textiles, colours and different accessories that have all added to the overall feel that our house is now a mini fashion house!

One of our rooms now resembles a small shop of racks of clothing that Wilma has gathered together, a sewing machine sits in the corner with a tape measure drapped across it and textiles, cotton and sparkly buttons are on every available space!

It’s really exciting that you can join us at the start of this little venture and we really hope you enjoy the pieces and see something unique that you like. I was reading an article in the Telegraph newspaper here in the UK today that talked of the growing shift towards vintage items. Telegraph article

What is “vintage” is an interesting question and one in which the Telegraph article discusses a little. Both Wayne Hemmingway the designer and founder of Red or Dead and Carmen Haid of Atelier-Mayer (www.atelier-mayer.com) discuss that vintage strictly speaking is 20 to 25 years old. Hemmingway is a little more open to vintage in terms of the decade it comes from being a little blurry.

My view is that vintage is interchangeable with a number of time periods and can represent perhaps the 1980’s and 1990’s despite it’s relative closeness in terms of history. Vintage seems to umbrella not just the myopic view of the “age” of piece of clothing, it is in my view more about the style represented, the way it is worn and what the item is worn with. Vintage can encapsulate the beauty of an age with perhaps a little piece of the modern drafted in too to make it more in keeping with today’s fashion zeitgeist. Maybe it should be called, “Reinvintaged”!

I think that people are shifting their view on what they want from retailers and that we are already at the point in which the fashion conscious individual is looking towards a holistic approach to their fashion decisions.

This holistic approach is about responsbility to the environment, an ethical decision that you are “upcycling” as it is described in the Telegraph article and also that you want to find a beautiful pattern or colour that is different, that perhaps you are looking for a better fit or shape to your clothing or you want to be utterly unique and know that no-one else will have this piece (potentially of art) that you are wearing.

Modern large retailers will always struggle to get this as they balance their overheads with volume and the needs and pressures to homogenise to keep costs lower.

Everything in Wilma’s collection is absolutely hand picked and some have had her beautiful little hands adjust them too – these adjustments have been done to add a perhaps more contemporary look.

We both really hope above all else you enjoy the pieces and if you see something you like then put a bid in, you never know you could well be wearing out a stunningly cute little piece that shines and compliments your beauty!

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