Girls with shaved heads

Shaving your head

Winston: “I liked it when you had short hair”
Wilma: “Shall I shave the side of my head?”
Winston: “Yes, you should do it”
Wilma: “Ok I’ll do it, will you do it for me?”
Winston: “I wouldn’t feel comfortable cutting your hair for you”
Wilma: “Well, I could get it done at the hairdressers tomorrow”
Winston: “That will be just great, do it, do it, do it”

Accompanying Wilma to the hairdressers the next morning she had little sweaty palms as thoughts of her beautiful long hair was going to be cut and shaved on one side. We both stepped into the hairdressers and asked the lovely young lady to cut the hair off and shave one side of Wilma’s head. The young lady hairdresser paused unsure perhaps that she had heard us correctly.

Wilma sat down and the chopping commenced, the rest of the story is embellishment. What does it bring? It brought an edgy look, something a little bit different – it draws looks from people, some have openly commented as we have walked together. Two young girls tucking into their lunches in a Pizza Express – one that has those wide open windows – paused their conversation with one of them saying, “Did you see that girl’s hair?”

Fancy it?!

Do it, do it, do it!

Oh yes…and Wilma of course! x


Wilma’s worked really hard this last three days to put some of her collection of vintage, beautiful clothes up. More are going up today or tomorrow…the vintage bright blue cardigan you see above is part of the collection and is being bid upon right now! How exciting it is!

You can get to Wilma by clicking the link to her shop on the right or by following this link to her Ebay Shop here.

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