While the city sleeps, we rule the streets

Whoooo it’s been a busy week!

I’ve been trying to catch up with some reading this week and have a good few books that have been begging for my attention since Christmas! I’m currently making my way through a book called, “Superfreakonomics”.

I read the first book, “Freakonomics” by Levitt & Dubner a number of years ago and it opened a new way of thinking about social issues to me. I’m hoping the second one is just as interesting.

This week I’ve also been listening to Die Antwoord…”Yo’ Ninja go…”. Yolandi Vi$$er is gorgeous, get all up on the, “Interweb…worldwide”. Left click this up.

I’ve long been an admirer of Natalie Dee’s little comic ditty’s. They’re beautifully to the point, there are loads of archived material too. I’m absolutely positive that Natalie would mind but when I’ve been putting together little letters or cards for people I’ve sometimes pasted some of her images into the card and, depending on who it’s for, maybe a couple of pictures of naked women too.

Why give cards that people don’t want is what I say – try pasting a couple of inappropriate images for that person into your cards, they’ll love you for it!

Wilma has been even busier this week; the shop is looking amazing now and the first two weeks have been such a tremendous success. It is growing so quickly and we noticed a real ripple in the number of people who are viewing the site and bidding on the clothes. Wilma (aka Vicky) is so pleased and a huge thank-you to everyone that has contributed in spreading the word and who have also purchased items from the site. It’s not gone viral yet but there is absolutely no doubt that those that have entered on the ground floor will hopefully see this grow…

We hope you too can stop by and see what’s in the shop.


We know that people are mega interested in the products and that has driven Wilma on to source some really nice pieces for the shop. Have a quick look to see if you like it! x

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