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Walt Whitman


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Winters of my Life

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Wilma & the Elves!

WOW, The Elves have been so busy at the Haus of Wilma! The pieces and collections are growing and the level of interest is growing weekly. It’s incredible to think that the site has only been running for a matter … Continue reading

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I’ve been musing on what it means to compromise over the last few days. Compromise is surely the great standard-bearer for peace. Without compromise there is no peace. Concessions between two parties be they individuals, ideologies, political parties or warring nations are … Continue reading

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Bad kids

I was surfing my usual haunts and checking out little things that were taking my interest and landed on a site that’s advertising vodka. While watching this little video that I linked onto through Trendland I landed on a pretty cool video … Continue reading

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