Bad kids

I was surfing my usual haunts and checking out little things that were taking my interest and landed on a site that’s advertising vodka. While watching this little video that I linked onto through Trendland I landed on a pretty cool video and then more importantly was the song and tune that went with it.

It’s called Bad Kids by the Black Lips – the video I chanced upon is here, it has some pretty relaxed New Yorkers chilling out round a pool and having some fun. Who doesn’t like chilling out round a pool with girls in bikini’s; I don’t mind one bit.

More to my specific point I love it when I chance upon some new music. The Black Lips track slipped into my listening buds smoothly and then as I dug into more of their music I found myself checking out some other stuff too.

It tapped into my liking of garage rock, flower punk, grunge, indie music – I like it all really but some things are bit more like poetry than the rest.

So I came across (and some of it’s old & some’s a little newer):

The Stains – Now & Then

The Sonics – The Witch (and who doesn’t want to see Raquel Welch doing some witchy moves)

The Strange Boys – Be Brave

I then land on a neat beat video by Thomas Nossner entitled, “The Beat of New York”. People are great. I love the old and young, the styles, the colours, that it’s people going about their business, the sounds of life.

Be brave, have a shufty with your listen buds xx

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