I’ve been musing on what it means to compromise over the last few days.

Compromise is surely the great standard-bearer for peace. Without compromise there is no peace. Concessions between two parties be they individuals, ideologies, political parties or warring nations are nothing without some kind of compromise. It is therefore desperately important that we understand what compromise means.

There is also another way of looking at compromise. That it is a restraint. It holds us back. A large part of who we are and what we do is a compromise. Consider your work. It is for a very lucky few of us that our work is what we actually enjoy and choose to do. For the vast majority we have had to compromise. We have had to settle on less than what we wanted to actually be doing. The compromise in this instance is with ourselves; it is because we need money, we don’t want to lose face in front of parents, peers or observers that we don’t have a job perhaps, that we need to be doing something.

Compromise is therefore pervasive, it bleeds into our lives, it resides in our relationships, it lands us into work that perhaps we didn’t want to do, into our groups and social gathering, into our organisations, into our hearts and minds.

You are compromising in some instances because you have settled for the moment on who you are. The energy is gone to challenge and change yourself and to not compromise. To not settle for what were in your hopes as you were growing up. You have sacrificed this energy perhaps to align to perceived social norms e.g. family, children, house, car, job.

Consider compromise as a two-headed Chimera, in some instances dissolving who you wanted to be to the person that you are today. It also lends itself to higher things such as peace and empathy.

Such a powerful word hence the musing that I have been doing. My thinking on this has not ended yet.

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