I must, I must


 I must, I must give you all a little update!

It’s been a lovely few weeks of late. The shop is going amazingly well. Recently it’s just rocketed to new levels with daily visitors coming to see what’s going on!

A big thank-you to all the customers of Wilma & Winston, it’s a beautiful thing to see something grow from simple beginnings to one that has real potential and that is down to the beautiful people who come stop by, have a browse, see something they like and have a go for it.

Even those that don’t buy from Wilma & Winston and just browse the blog perhaps for inspiration, curiosity, to see what’s going on or perhaps just stumble on the site are all very welcome.

Vicky is busy, like mega busy. It’s tough for her driving this forward because not everyone sees this little bright little creative talent sticking things together, harvesting ideas from the vast array of “stuff” and other wonderful creative people out there then adding her own little twist and giving the style, idea or piece that she’s made to the world. Vicky loves it, loves the people visiting and asking questions and we’ve had some major successes.

Not least the lovely Cherry Healey tweeted about us (Cherry’s twitter is here http://twitter.com/cherryhealey) and then also promoted Winston & Wilma on her website too! Cherry’s website can be found here.

I’ve been ridiculously busy, I’ve started a new job which is grafting my butt off – what is it with starting a new job that suckers you big time! I guess one day I’ll be able to assist with Wilma & Winston’s growth on a more full time basis but in the meantime I’ve got to pay the bills somehow, oh & that rather large engagement ring I got Vicky (wow that was expensive but so worth it for such a beautiful girl – I am very lucky)!

I’m a finance geek so I do a lot of numbers & by night & weekend I return to perhaps things that I much prefer doing like reading, drinking tea, eating chocolate, watching football (or sport in general) and helping Vicky with the shop!

I saw on Cherry’s blog a quote that had been posted by Søren Kierkegaard saying “The most common form of despair is not being who you are.” I liked this quote. It’s a lovely little line. Be who you are. Do what’s true to you. Happiness will surely follow!

Check out the work we’ve been doing on the blog and on the shop – some of the clothes we’ve recently sourced are amazing. We’re looking at next steps, working hard for our lovely customers to deliver a better product, a better service and keep trying our best to showcase the styles in new ways…watch this space we’re striving, growing and have some exciting things being considered, looked into and planned for! Watch this space.

You lot are lovely, catch you soon

– Simon

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