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While the city sleeps, we rule the streets

Whoooo it’s been a busy week! I’ve been trying to catch up with some reading this week and have a good few books that have been begging for my attention since Christmas! I’m currently making my way through a book called, … Continue reading

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Edward Thomas

Lately I’ve been reading Edward Thomas’ poems. It was purely by chance that I picked up a little booklet of Mr. Thomas’ work and began reading a little while ago. They are beautiful bits of work. A couple that I … Continue reading

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Dr. Martens

I am really feeling for some beat up Dr. Martens at the moment. I like boots and when I have enough money saved they’ll find their way into my wardrobe! The people that have worn Dr. Martens is long and … Continue reading

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Girls with shaved heads

Shaving your head Winston: “I liked it when you had short hair” Wilma: “Shall I shave the side of my head?” Winston: “Yes, you should do it” Wilma: “Ok I’ll do it, will you do it for me?” Winston: “I … Continue reading

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Wilma’s up!

Wilma’s managed to get her collection online! So much hard work has gone into choosing this collection of clothing. It has been painstakingly chosen from lots of different locations within London and while on her travels! It’s been a labour … Continue reading

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Here I am flesh & bones

The Old Man and the Sea by Hemingway invokes a stream of thoughts. The wishes of an old man to catch fish, to renew his youth and to continue the struggle whether that be with a fish or his life. Looking into the faces here … Continue reading

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The sewing queen

Wilma is busy adjusting clothing today for her new site. Seeing the effort and time that she’s spent putting together this little collection I am sure you’ll really enjoy some of the pieces that come from it. You can catch … Continue reading

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